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Lost smart master key. LS430 2004.

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Assuming all Lexus' are the same, do you have a working smart key for the car in question? Does it look like the attached?

As far as I know (and in my limited experience) provided you have a working key further keys can be added, the programming routine gives you 30 seconds to present the working key to the start button, once identified you get another 30 seconds to repeat with the new or second hand BLANK key, confirmed with beeps and on screen prompts.

Needing an existing key is a reasonable security measure , otherwise a car stolen without a key could easily be reprogrammed.

Note that the key to be added can't just be taken from another car, it needs it's internal memory wiping first to make it a blank virgin key.

No keys at all = new ECU's! Not good!

Hope that helps (and is applicable in your case)





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