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  1. Can a replacement smart master key be created without renewing ECU ?
  2. But its OK to promote your favourite modification!
  3. Hi , The colour code is stamped on the small plate next to the RH front strut mounting under the bonnet. Bottom line, 1st 3 digits, mine is 1CO., but mines a 2000 model. Hope this helps. Les.
  4. Bumper chrome strip replacement

    That quite amazing. I have just replaced the rear bumper chrome this afternoon. I used self adhesive moulding from Ebay at £10 for 8 metres. It was a bit slimmer than the original, but the same width. I padded it out with some self adhesive foam tape to bring it flush. Next job will be a reversing camera, but I shall use a wireless system
  5. Hi . If you are still looking for help ,there is a company called Oxford Vehicle Electrics. (OVE) They will come to you and diagnose at your home.
  6. That is a very nice car. I am seriously jealous. Les.
  7. Hello Bob. I have the same year and model. The items you list as working are all direct feed, whereas the other non-working items are all ignition controlled. Sounds to me as if you have lost feed from the ignition switch to fuse box. Did the steering column move on inserting the key? Hope this helps a bit ! Les
  8. I enquired about this car. I was told the price was incorrect, and was in fact £1795.00., Then he offered it at £1500.00. A bit iffy, but nice car. Les.
  9. Hi. I googled 'Lexus Gas Struts @ and found them at £13 each earlier today. Les.
  10. Centre Front Armrest.

    Can anyone tell me if front seat armrest from '95 LS400 will fit my 2000 model. Mine is missing.
  11. How did you find The Lexus Owners Club?

    I googled ' Lexus Club uk ' And there you were !!