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Hi all need to replace both Front Lower Ball joints on my 03 Lexus GS300 and will be ordering from Rockauto which i have done plenty of times before(Denso Parts etc). I live in the UK and am unsure of which Make/Manufacture of suspension parts are good. Prices are for the pair delivered to the UK.


Ultra-Power £32/$42 (Warehouse clearout)
Daily Driver
Mevotech £57/$75
Beck/Arnley £60/$79
Acdelco £74/$97
MAS £56/$74
Moog £60/$79


Obviously I would like to buy the cheapest but dont know which ones to avoid, confused on why the Premiums are cheaper than the daily driver. Any advise would be appreciated.Many thanks

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Good question, I also find the range of suppliers offered by Rockauto bewildering.

So it'd be useful if someone had a guide/rule of thumb.

I've never ordering anything from them yet either, so would be good to get to grips with it before I place an order.

Update: just found this on their website;, so they group products into Economy, Premium, etc. Looking at each parts Info screen I can see warranty levels, so that's an additional help. Seems like I just need to get familiar with their website...

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