Brake Calipers/Pads hardware

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Where do you get Calipers/Pads hardware? 

Annoyingly, all aftermarket pads for IS250 comes without any hardware e.g. springs, anti-squeal shims etc..  in fact they should be replaced (maybe can be reused once or twice). Now I am getting calipers refurbished and would like to finally fit correct hardware but cannot find any kit which would include any hardware. I know anti-squeal shims are hard to come by and it is almost dealer only £80 part, which needs to be "ordered-in"... It is quite hard to comprehend as one would expect replacing shims would be standard with any pads replacement. And what about the rest of hardware?

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I can't find anywhere in the UK for the shims, Partsouq will ship a set of front/rear shims for about £60

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Yes that is my problem, because it is quite hard to track what you get from where, because it seems every single tiny bit you need to get from different supplier. It is hard to believe there are no "complete hardware kit" considering how maintenance heavy the calipers on these cars are. Even for something ancient like Triumph Spitfire or some 80's BMW you can almost go and pick-up complete rebuilt kit from the shelf... Even Toyota in that regard.... Anyway I am going to stop crying for now and going to try to call dealer and at least get complete parts list with dealer prices. The only problem they don't seem to be fancy selling the "part only"- last time I serviced my car I asked for shims and service manager told me he going to order it and call me back - never go any call back... 

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Yes - as well it seems to be better to navigate then ...

Anyway the complete "maintenance kit" (less any rubber as that would be picked up by BCS re-manufacturing) seems to need following (please let me know if I am missing anything):

  • 1x 04946-22090 rear anti-squeal shims,
  • 1x 04948-30210 rear fitting kit, pins, springs,
  • 1x 04947-53010 front fitting kit, caliper inserts,
  • 4x 47771-33340 front pad wear indicators (it is possible to do with 2, but they are like $1 each)
  • 1x 04945-30180 front anti-squeal shims,
  • 2x 47748-22460 front anti-rattle springs

~£111.97 + £36 shipping from Lexuspartsnow, or

~£110.88 + £14 shipping from Partsouq, except Partsouq don't have front anti-rattle springs in stock

In summary not that bad, the front shims alone are something £76 + VAT in UK. Thanks for help

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