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Hi folks, I have an issue with my LS460. I'm losing air from front right and i'm sure it's the valve. MOT recently highlighted possible issue with sensor and chap recommended fitting new batteries or sensors all round. Different chap suggested sensor replacement cost of £1,200!! Has anyone come across this issue. I think because my car is pre-2010 it won't fail the MOT on this point, thankfully. Let me know what you think. Any advice would be welcome.

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I had a TPMS issue when I got the car (the spare wheel had been removed) so did some digging then into TPMS sensors - are you getting the TPMS warning every 20 minutes or so when driving then?

In my 2006 LS460 the sensors are PMV-107J sensors - TPMS Warehouse list the Huf below as a compatible part:

Each sensor has a Battery status and unlike the sensors in the Merc I picked up recently they don't go to sleep when the car is stopped meaning they're always broadcasting every 62 seconds or so.

Each sensor has a unique ID and these are programmed into the TPMS computer in the car, this can be done cheaply with something like the Carista OBD-2 dongle and their accompanying phone app. The TPMS ECU stores 5 sensors from memory - the 4 on the car and then the spare. 

You can also check the status of your TPMS sensors very cheaply using what is called a Software Defined RAdio (SDR) USB stick and software such as RTL_433 (


With the prices they're quoting you may be better off with the above to work out how many sensors are showing a Battery status of Low and then replace those as needed, the link below is the adaptor I used:

I'm currently playing with an RTL-SDR v3 and that will also do the job:

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You can get replacement valves for these on fleabay for about £10.


I had 2 sensors replaced by MK Lexus for £350 a month ago, so chappy is talking doo-doo at £1200!



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