2012 RX450h Rear suspension Knock

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I have noticed a  knock/ creaking noise coming from the passenger side rear of our 2012 RX450h F Sport. It is most noticeable when you go around corners or  reverse in to our driveway up the drop curb. You can replicate the noise if you rock the car. Because of this I am assuming it is something to do with the suspension. Our last MOT flagged up the following advisories. I advised Lexus to carry out the work but they said it would be ok for the time being .  I expect that those advisories could be the cause?

I am very surprised that these area need replacement already but then that could just be me being naive. Is this normal on a 61k car that has spent its life being driven around town?

The car is booked in next week at Lexus Bristol so I guess we shall see!


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Just incase anyone was interested, the knocking turned out to be a broken suspension coil. This together with the bushes are being covered by the extended warranty. 

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