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So recently I felt some vibration (on the brake pedal but also through the car) while breaking at high speed. I suspect this might be due to one of the brake rotor/disc. When I left the car at a local garage (new to me, as I just moved to this area), they did some brake check and recommend I change all 4 brake discs + pads, also 2 front tyres, all for £800+ (I just changed the rear tyres a few months ago) to completely eliminate the problem. This is quite a baffling approach to me. The car is 10 years old, I know things will need to be changed at some point but I hope not at the same time. Is there a way we can tell if this is due to the front or rear discs, or something else altogether? 

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Hi Mark, that's quite an estimate on disks/pads all round and 2 tyres, I suggest that you shop around. 

Or maybe even DIY the disks/pads, if you're able?

Do you know how old the disks are?  Are they badly corroded/pitted and do they have a lip at the outer edge?

If the steering wobbles under braking that that's a good indicator that there's an issue up front.  

If you feel vibrations through just the seat then that's a fair suggestion there's an issue at the rear.

Worn suspension can also contribute to brake wobble.

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