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hi guys,

I have a lexus is220d which is a uk import to ireland. its a very unusual model. no cruise control, no electric seats ,no auto wipers extremely basic. my problem is that the wipers are only working on full fast so the normal remedy is change the wiper relay. this is normally in the wiper switch I THINK. ive bought a new wiper switch and the problem persists. I cant find anywhere online that will tell me where the wiper relay is because its such an unusual model. any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Cormac,

Just on the offchance have you checked the 30amp fuse ( No.19 I think ) in the small fusebox under the dash on the passenger side?

As far as I am aware the wiper operation is split between two fuses which ensures that you will have least partial use of the wipers should one fuse fail. The other fuse is a 80amp one which has control of several systems and is located in one of the engine bay boxes. The 30amp fuse mentioned above is I believe the one that controls most of the wiper functions and does'nt have any influence on other systems.

Might be worth checking.


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Thanks but the wipers do work on the other settings for a second and then stop half way across the windscreen. This wouldn't happen if it were a fuse. 

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