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Intermitent power loss RX400h

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Hi All,

Newbie here hoping someone can help.

I have a RX400h, 2005 with 184,000 on the clock. I have an issue with lack of power. Sometimes, after driving at a steady speed for a while, I lose power when I need or want to accelerate. I can floor the accelerator and the engines revs but the acceleration is more akin to a 2CV. At the same time, the Battery indicator on dash (in the speedo as it an SE model) also drops to practically nil when this happens and seems to take ages to "top up" again, even when going down hill and braking which normally does it quite quickly. After a few miles like this, or sometimes the next day, it is back to normal

This happened a year or so ago and I took it into Lexus. They said that there were no fault codes recorded and the technician came out with me. We drove for several miles and it the fault did not appear - typical! A hybrid check revealed no issues.

The gearbox oil pump went and was replaced by Lexus and the fault seemed to disappear for a good while but now it's back with an ever increasing regularity.

Has anyone experienced this ? I am loathe to get rid of the car as it is ok apart from this and I would like to see it to 200,000 miles.

Thanks in anticipation.



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