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2010 Rx450H Tailgate not opening ( PT 2)

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Just seen a YouTube Video where it looks like he has exactly the same problem as mine and he disconnects Live Terminal on 12V Battery for 15 seconds then reconnects it ( i think with nothing turned on )

Is this safe to do and is it worth a try ?

Only difference i can see is his 12V Battery is under the Bonnet and mines in the Boot.

Thanks in advance.

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I have known lots of issues cured with disconnecting the Battery on a car .you have nothing to lose with trying this . There maybe things you have to do afterwards your owners manual will advise .i would advise checking all your fuses are ok and any relays within this boot opening circuit .if you have a multi meter test power to the boot opening motor when you press the button . We have had a member who had a tow bar install and there motor failed almost straight after , they fitted a used item and now it's ok . A piece of advise everyone looks for a quick fix this route normally ends in frustration .

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Well, the Tailgate is now working correctly .

Dont really know if it just sprung back into life or was something to do with what i did !

I read the Owners Manual, and there is a little cover that you prise off with a Screwdriver that lets you get at a little lever that you turn clockwise and it unlocks the boot . This allowed me to fully open the Tailgate.

I pressed all the buttons to close it but no joy, so physically pushed it down into the Lock Position.

Still no joy trying to open it with Remote or Manual so was going to try the Battery Disconnect this weekend .

Just been shopping and the pressed the Tailgate Open on the Remote not really thinking , and it opened with the beeping .

Its now opening and closing as it should do !

Thanks for your help .

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Just a quick piece of advice when dealing with disconnecting battery's and reconnecting always neg terminal first and then positive and when reconnecting neg gets fitted last . This stops sparking terminals reducing the risk of exploding battery's when gasses are present .as will smith would sing boom boom shake the room .

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