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2007 Lexus GS450h buying advice

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Dear Lexus GS owners

I am following the forum on the 3d generation Lexus GS model with great interest in the last 2 months and especially the topics for the GS450h which I like a lot and wish to buy as a next car. I still wanted to bring up a topic for newbies intending to buy this model second-hand, which is getting already old, if a higher mileage car from 2007  (let's say around 120,000 miles to take advantage of a lower purchase price of a specific car), even if well-maintained and at the Lexus dealership, and a hybrid Battery that still charges almost fully, would be a reasonable purchase based on your experience? Or is it always better to look for the later production cars from 2008-2011 with half this mileage if such can be found, to avoid potentially important car systems starting to fail soon due the age and use of the car?

I have read a few topics here mainly related to issues with a failing hybrid Battery (incl. its cooling), the suspension and brake by wire system, while less problems it seems have appeared with the CVT transmission system or the other elements of the hybrid system such as the electric motors. 

In this regard is indeed 120,000 a really high mileage for this GS450h made in 2007, from your experience or given the overall Lexus reliability they car can be driven for years more to come?  What would be the reccommended areas to check after such a mileage before deciding to buy it or any other useful advice  in that regard?

Many thanks


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Hi Lazar, welcome to the forum. The GS 450h is a great car to be hunting for, I've had mine almost 3 years now (bought at 92k miles).


Any older vehicle is likely to have some issues but Lexus warranty the hybrid system up to 15 years now, you just need an annual hybrid check circa £60. Not all components are covered but many alternatives are available (hybrid pump bearing/etc) so don't fret too much. As with any older vehicle, have a war chest ready but you're unlikely to need to anywhere near often as a BMW/Merc.


The 3rd gen GS suffer from exhaust corrosion, which you have no doubt seen from other threads.


Rear braked are prone to seize unless lubed annually, so not a big issue there.


The dampers are allegedly prone to fail (if you listen to dealers) but mine are still doing fine almost 3 years after (my former) Lexus dealer told me there were leaking (they weren't and still aren't).


Also consider that the hybrid system and combustion engine help each other out and being powerful are rarely stressed. Which has surely got to help with longevity right?


Are you aware of the relatively small boot?


Have you test driven or viewed any yet?


Happy hunting.



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Thank you Farqui, useful advice and very reassuring indeed to know about the good reliability of this model. The boot size I understand is not big but I shall be using the car mainly for driving enjoyment during weekends or to go to work.

I have already test driven two different GS450h models here in Sweden - one was a 2008 model with 60,000 miles and another one- the 2007 model at close to 120,000 miles, mentioned in my previous post. Both felt very solid, stable and powerful and I must say I could not tell a difference between the 60k and 120k mileage in terms of handling or power delivery (both were indeed very well maintained by the previous owners).

As a comparison I drove in the meantime also a test Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 model here at the local Toyota dealership and I must say although of the same manufacturer it was nowhere near the 12-year old GS450h in terms of comfort, dynamics, quiet ride and this solid driving feeling that the GS450h gives.

I missed to buy the lower mileage car as it was taken by someone else, thus contemplating on the second option with the higher mileage, as there not many on the market in Continental Europe hence was curious what forum members would say of the older and more used model, in terms of maintenance. Based on your good advice, I shall check the exhaust of the said car for any rust there, as I did not think about that during the initial visit. 

I could not find on the forum maybe a longer term review of the model when bought second hand? Maybe because most owners are relatively happy and there is not much to complain.




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