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Route save facilty

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I bought a NX300h Takumi a few months ago and am really happy with the vehicle.

Just one point niggles me and this ia associated with the ROUTE SAVE system. I previously had an NX300h Luxury 2017model and this had a ROUTE SAVE facility that was good to use. The car also had the rotary dial system and when the route trace was no longer required you were able to delete same using the Rotary Dial selector.

Not so simple with the MM17 Multi media on the Takumi model. I use the Route trace or Route save frequently and the trace leaves a purple dotted line on the screen.However when you have finished with the route there is no way of deleting the trace.

Despite nearly 3 months of back and forth between the Lexus dealership in Derby and exchanging messages withe the Lexus Technical people I have no answer. They have finally grasped the problem and keep asking irrelevant questions which I answer and send back to them. It is so frustrating - I am dealing with the After Sales Manager at Derby who is has told me the query is being up graded to Lexus Belgium.

Has anyone else used the Route save? - If you have without my problems I would be interested in hearing from you


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