Lexus is 200 fuel damper

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Hello dear members.

Recently after  having my injectors replaced, there was a issue with the fuel damper.

The screw was  loose, it was held from falling by the cap. 

We screed it in  but not knowing if we did right or wrong we di screw it all the way in. but it did not screw in strait ..... the engine light came on  and result was  rich fuel mix....

I would like to replace it , and seems like it is not very easy to find.

DO you think it is possible to make a modification and  swap it for a fuel presseure regulator?

In one of the photo's you will also see the oilm filter relocation..... saves lots of time for replacement!!! 🙂 

please let me know  your opinions thank you.





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Pretty sure I have seen some suitable adjustable FPRs. 

There is no screw in mine on the LS400, it has a plunger which pops up to indicate fuel pressure is present.

The original type is available with part number 23207-46010 for around $70.00.

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