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Hi all, I have a IS200 with the following modifications: Supercharger Eaton M62 with the pulley 150 5PK with injector 1ZZ, (Rankone Performance kit)  flywheel, exhaust manifold Japspeed.

Ihave the following problem,  since I installedthe ECU Master DET3 even though according to the seller it brings a map installed for this stage, the reality is that the car simply doesnt work. The ralenty is unstable and if I manage to adjust it, it fails on cilinder 6. 

Also, the body throttle doesnt open completely and it rocks, it also has a very slow reaction. Im not sure if there is a way of resolving this issue via the ECU 

I have the following questions: 

Does anyone have the ECU MASTER with this stage or compatible? if so, could you send me the map? 

In regards to the body throttle, has anyone managed to improve the response time or can I  only solve this by making it mechanical?

I am quite lost, I cant manage to improve the response with the compressor. Basically you could say the whole thing is a disaster and I would greatly appreciate a hand. 

Thank you! 




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