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i have a lexux gs300 sport , you drive it for approx 5 minutes and starts cutting out and panting 

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Or maybe it's something else. Before you start replacing components, which can get very expensive, check for any stored codes in the engine ecu.

I'd be suspecting something temperature related, but you don't exactly give much detail.

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Hi John many thanks for your reply 

the ecu is saying lambada sensor and vvti pulley 

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It's unlikely that the lambda sensor would cause cutting out. (But it might need attention before a Mot)

I wouldn't really expect a VVTI fault to do that either, but it could. Is the engine oil clean? Has it been changed recently? If not, I'd start there - change the oil and filter. There's the possibility of a fault with the VVTI control system / solenoid, but I'm not familiar with the details of it on your car.

But it could be something else entirely - eg fuel pump or some other sensor - any sensor can be prone to failure when it gets hot. You really need an oscilloscope inspection of every engine sensor.

Need more detail really. Does it restart easily after the cutting out? Does it need to cool down before restarting? What happens then? Does it misfire before or after cutting out?

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