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RX400 rear LCD and DVD player

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Hi there,

new to the forum so hi! Just traded my Q5 V6 for an RX400 SE V6 3.3 2009, love the car but a bit gutted it didn’t come with the rear headrest LCD screens. Is this something I can retrofit and will the Mark Levinson DVD player link through? Sorry if this is a stupid question but any help would be much appreciated!

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The rear screens on the 400h are completely separate from the rest of the vehicle's Infotainment system.

The latest design, which came out in 2008 and therefore would have been fitted to your 2009 model, have integrated DVD players in the screen unit. I don't believe they were available as a retrofit, wiring isn't in place to power them so wouldn't be an owner fit job in the eyes of Lexus. Knowing Lexus if they did offer them they would be outrageously expensive.

IMO you are better off with iPads and holders. These old DVD units with the infrared headphones were never great. Certainly better than the older design pre-2008 but you can do much better in 2020.

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