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Hi everybody,

since October of last year I am the owner of a 2016 Lexus IS 300h F Sport with current mileage of 30k miles. Very happy with the car except for the brake squeal that developed at front and rear brakes. As I am an experienced DIY guy I proceeded to take apart the brakes to investigate.

Here are my findings:

Rears: The inner anti-squeal shims (2 part design) are rusted apart and the pads are rusty too. I bought a new shim kit for 50 quid(!) and replaced the old ones and rears are quiet now. I might also replace the pads even though they are hardly worn as they come cheap (Brembo 20 quid) and the current ones are rusted. The rears were maintained as part of the year 4 service at Lexus at an extra cost of 80 quid but apparently the shims were not checked. :(

Fronts: The pads and rotors are 50-60% worn. The shim kit is even more expensive at 70 or 80 quid. Nonetheless, I will be replacing everything on the fronts soon. I ordered Textar pads and rotors for 90 quid which is very reasonable cost. 

I will update as I get the fronts done as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Brake squeal can be quite embarrassing at zebra crossings. Sounds like you did not want to stop!

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So I just had this problem very bad on my IS300h. Rear brakes would squeal something terrible when maneuvering at low speeds. Took it to the dealership and it luckily did happen when I showed them. What was it? Turns out a load of dirt and grime had gotten into the calipers and they weren't moving property causing the breaks to stick. I have to give the dealership some credit here, they completely sorted it out.

Now onto my partner's NX that has a different kind of break/wheel whistle 😞 hopefully they can sort it at the next service...

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