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IS-F rims Color Code

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Does someone knows the color code for OEM rims IS-F?In The Netherlands I've asked Lexus but at that period there was no registration only body paintwork was mentioned. I know it's a two toned effect lack otherwise I have to find a paint shop with a spectrometer.


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I couldn't find paint codes anywhere when I looked. Tried to contact BBS but never got a reply back. I found this table scouring the internet. They're not paint codes, but they gave the painters where I had my alloys done a good start and they matched the colour on the later wheels for my Samurai style rims. 


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I found it on the American forums. If you google "Lexus ISF alloy wheel table" it should appear in images with a link to the thread. I was trying to find a set of the wheels on the far right of the table at the time but they're hens teeth to find, and when they do appear, they're too expensive.

I'll have to try and find a link to the thread. 

If you show a good paint shop a photo too. They can match it really well. I had mine redone in anthracite with a chrome secondary coat to match the wheels on the far right of the table, and had the calipers colour coded to the blue on the edge of the F badges.


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