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2003 GS300 Exhaust


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Very unlikely to find a cheap one unless you can luck in on a breakers parting a GS300 with a decent one.

Seems the cheapest way is custom built stainless, but that won’t be online. Depending on location, Tony Banks in Leeds has a good rep.

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I second that - cheapest option for me last year was to get a stainless steel one made, £731 catback by Powerflow.


My brother in law worked for years sourcing and pricing parts for car insurer repair jobs. There’s one company online - - that do supply their own exhausts parts for a Lexus. Most mechanics had never heard of them and knew nothing about them, but turns out my brother in law had dealt with them several times and had twice rung the company owner up to tell him how crap his company was!


For what it’s worth - and it’s not mentioned on their website - the company keeps the parts in Germany then ships them, which means potentially big delays in them arriving. But according to my brother in law, during lockdown this company proved reasonably reliable.


But if you want my advice, get a bespoke stainless steel one made and fitted. It’s a lot less hassle… and probably your cheapest option. 

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