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What Lexus Model Have A Factory Fit

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Can anyone tell me what Lexus models have a 8 inch subwoofer factory fitted as standard please?

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Thanks for reply....did go up to a scrap yard and have a look :ph34r: for a second hand sub...bloke says when im at the desk "Yea theres a LS400,a soarer and a GS300" :whistling:

I gets out there...looking around for a while.....finds the LS400 :D :D ..Theres just the front half left :o ...they cut the car in half and sent the back end off abroad somewhere :ohmy::angry: ...the only way i could tell it was a Lexus was cos it had the key in it.....the front half was stripped :D :D

Goes on and has a look at the GS300.. :unsure: ....the things only been burnt out :hehe:

the soarers on the top of the stack :lol: ...had to stand on the roof of a supra,clumb up through the engine bay(engine was removed) of another car.Then stand on that cars roof to get to the soarer :crybaby: ....well just drove 40 miles cos they were sure they had a sub in one of the cars :angry:

Looks inside the soarer and someones already had them :whistling:

I feel better now by sharing that with you all :D :D

The joys of the Lexus :unsure:

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