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Nine Motoring Myths

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Nine motoring myths

Think you know about driving laws, rules and regulations? Think again

Thirteen million motorists risk financial loss if they have an accident, because they mistakenly believe you don't have to tell your motor insurer if you have fewer than six points on your licence.

This and other popular motoring myths are revealed in a survey by Tesco Motor Insurance, which warns that these widespread misconceptions could prove costly, both to your licence and your wallet.

Here are the nine motoring myths:

Myth one

You don't have to tell your motor insurer if you have fewer than six points on your licence.


Oh yes you do. Allan Burns of Tesco Motor Insurance says: "Points received for any motoring offence, no matter how minor, should always be declared."

Myth two

Nearly half (46%) of drivers believe a police officer must be wearing their hat to book you for a traffic offence.


This is no longer the case. A police officer must merely be recognisable as such when booking a motorist.

Myth three

One in five drivers believe you can drive fast enough to beat a speed camera.


A vehicle would need to be travelling at 171mph or above to technically 'outrun' a standard speed camera; few cars on the road are capable of that kind of speed.

Myth four

You can't pick up points for speeding in a hire car.


The hire company has to tell the authorities who rented the car at the time of the offence. This person is then treated as though driving their own car.

Myth five

You don't have to tell your insurer if you make minor modifications to your car.


You must notify your insurer of all modifications to your car; however, often it won't affect your premiums.

Myth six

You can't be booked for driving too slowly.


If a police officer thinks your driving is causing risk to other drivers you can be booked.

Myth seven

If you claim on your cover, you'll lose all of your no-claims discount.


With most insurers, for each claim made you only move back two places, so if you have five years' no-claims discount, you would move back to three years' discount. Only if you have two years or less no-claims discount would you lose it all.

Myth eight

Speed cameras can't take photos of reflective number plates.


Tests show there's no plate on the market that can outsmart a speed camera.

Myth nine

Speed cameras can only catch cars in the left-hand lane.


Speed cameras take shots across all lanes (you will see the marker lines on the road). If you are on a single lane carriageway and move onto the opposite site of the road in the hope of avoiding the camera, you will not only still risk getting caught speeding, but could of course face a further motoring offence.

Allan Burns at Tesco concludes: "When it comes to any factor which could affect your insurance, our advice to drivers is: if you're not sure, it's best to ask your insurer. In many cases you'll find any additional cost to your cover is relatively small, especially when weighed against the potential costs and complications in the event of an accident."

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however, often it won't affect your premiums.

Yeah right! :lol:

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