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  1. They always seem honest at the time, he wouldn't be doing his job well if he seemed dodgy!
  2. That is the most stupid thing I've heard since... I dunno but its silly!!
  3. Do the Brakes get better if you pump them (The spongy problem)
  4. I was just thinking of looking for another job .. .. Maybe not now
  5. Never had any issues with my one and its been used on all ages of Cars
  6. It'd have to be the Dodge just to see if it has all that power people always go on about
  7. Err Colour, milage, Price, region? What have you got in mind?
  8. Saw I nice one up for sale near me (Looking for a hice cheap something or other) but it was rotten through and through... Almost makes you feel sorry for it
  9. I put a few coats other the sitcker just in case they started to come off, I think it looks nicer to!
  10. What Car you after? More than likely someone here can point you in the right direction and tell you what to keep away from :winky:
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