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Gatso Cameras


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While every effort is made to keep this listing current, camera enforcement may take place at other locations and mobile cameras may be used to support fixed sites. Enforcement may also be carried out where road works are being undertaken - so this should not be assumed to be an exhaustive listing. Levels of camera enforcement activity vary from location to location.

Fixed sites: cameras are in operation continuously or from time to time.

Mobile Sites: - Locations or stretches of road at which mobile camera equipment is deployed from time to time.

Red light sites: - Traffic lights at which cameras operate continuously or from time to time.

Exceptional discretion sites:

Police authorities have the statutory discretion, in carrying out their law enforcement responsibilities, to operate safety cameras exceptionally at other sites, not identified in advance, including sites where there is local resident concern about speeding.

Please note the speed limits shown are the maximum speed for cars. Please see the Highway Code for speed limits for other vehicles. The speed limits shown on the web site may be subject to change such as temporary changes due to road works and Motorists are advised to obey the speed limits signs that are posted on the road they are travelling on.




Albert Village - B586

Peek camera induction loop in road no flash infra red camera gives detectors impression camera is not active.

Billesdon - A47

The mobile camera van is parked just at the start of the crawler lane

heading eastbound on the A47 uphill.

Earl Shilton - Unconfirmed

If your going along the A47 away from Leicester though Earl Shilton...

Great Dalby - Station Road

No further details available.

Great Glen - A6

The speed cameras are in the village of Great Glen. Update: The back and front of the cameras are painted yellow.

Groby - A50

Leaving the M1 at Junction 22 and proceeding about 2 miles south-east down the dual carriageway...

Hinckley - M69

Unmarked white Ford High top van on hard shoulder of eastbound carriageway.

Kegworth - A6

Speed camera 200 yds after right-hand bend coming into Kegworth from the Loughborough area.

Kegworth - A6

Speed camera 200 yds before petrol station, 1/4 mile after turn to Diseworth Cott Beverages on the left-hand side.

Leicester - A563

This camera is at the junction of Glenhills Way (A563) and Lutterworth Road (A426).

Leicester - A563

This camera is on the Everards island near to Fosse Park and has just been made live after a period out of service.

Leicester - A594

Speed camera (Peek) is situated opposite Mandella Park, near Welford Road Prison...

Leicester - A594

This camera is on a dual carriage way - be careful as there are no obvious signs that indicate that it is actually a...

Leicester - A6

Heading southbound from the A47 to A6 past a train station. As you pass the train station on your left and head...

Leicester - M69

At the end of the M69, where the branch-off to the M1, a laser speed camera is operating.

Leicester - Ambassador Road / Uppingham Road

This fixed speed camera is on the left hand side of the road when approaching from either A47 - Uppingham Road...

Leicester - Aylestone Road

As you exit the M1 at junction 21 (Leicester) and you follow signs for the city (via Narborough Road)...

Leicester - Aylestone Road

This camera (Peek) is on the bend near the Leicester Royal Infirmary as you go into Leicester just after...

Leicester - Infirmary Road

Gatso, is positioned on right hand side of a bend on Infirmary Road / Oxford Street the actual road...

Leicester - King Richards Road

Speed camera targets city bound traffic of King Richard's Road (A47).

Actual location at bottom of hill between...

Leicester - King Richards Road

Heading out of Leicester city centre on King Richards Road, just after the Narborough Road junction...

Leicester - Melton Road

Traffic light camera, situated between the directions sign and the traffic lights at the junction just before GE Lighting.

Leicester - Narborough Road

Facing towards entry to Leicester city centre outside the Iceland food store, pedestrian crossing next to it.

Leicester - Saffron Lane

This mobile trap is often on Saffron Lane County bound and is near the Sports Stadium.

Leicester - Uppingham Road

Traffic light camera, sited on Uppingham Road (westbound) on junction with 'The Portwey' and Coleman Road.

Loughborough - A6

Just after Regent's Place retail park there is a is a Peek camera set Lup as a red light and speed camera.

Loughborough - Ashby Road

Camera is in a police van, always parked on the left curb (going eastbound).

Loughborough - Belton Road

Belton Road recently downgraded from 40 to 30 mph. Proposal to use intermittent mobile cameras.

Loughborough - Derby Road

Mobile van going into town 150 yards after you come off the roundabout from A6 from Hathern.

Market Harborough - A6

There are no permanent cameras in Market Harborough. There are, however, regular speed traps set on the A6.

Oadby - A6

As you approach the Asda superstore, you will heading towards Oadby city centre, the camera can be seen...

Rearsby - A607

Driving away from Leicester towards Rearsby you will pass the 30 mph signs and camera signs, as you approach...

Rearsby - A607

Heading towards Leicester on the A607 (Melton Road). You pass through Rearsby, after the 30 mph signs...

Waltham on the Wolds - A607

Warning signs sited approximately 1.5 miles each side of the village covering both north and southbound traffic.

Woodvile - A511

Near Unadopted Road, Field Lane.

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