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Gatso Cameras


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While every effort is made to keep this listing current, camera enforcement may take place at other locations and mobile cameras may be used to support fixed sites. Enforcement may also be carried out where road works are being undertaken - so this should not be assumed to be an exhaustive listing. Levels of camera enforcement activity vary from location to location.

Fixed sites: cameras are in operation continuously or from time to time.

Mobile Sites: - Locations or stretches of road at which mobile camera equipment is deployed from time to time.

Red light sites: - Traffic lights at which cameras operate continuously or from time to time.

Exceptional discretion sites:

Police authorities have the statutory discretion, in carrying out their law enforcement responsibilities, to operate safety cameras exceptionally at other sites, not identified in advance, including sites where there is local resident concern about speeding.

Please note the speed limits shown are the maximum speed for cars. Please see the Highway Code for speed limits for other vehicles. The speed limits shown on the web site may be subject to change such as temporary changes due to road works and Motorists are advised to obey the speed limits signs that are posted on the road they are travelling on.




Anwick - A153

Camera is on a slight bend which you can miss by being distracted by Padleys poultry factory and a shop nearby.

Ashby de la Launde - A15

Camera mounts on northbound side of the A15 at Ashby de la Launde and Ruskington junctions.

Ashby de la Launde - A15

Camera mounts on southbound side of the A15 at Ashby de la Launde and Ruskington junctions.

Baston - A15

Speed camera just inside the 50 mph speed limit before the bus stop.

Boston - A16

About 1 mile south from Boston (on the Spalding side) several sets of road markings recently applied in both directions...

Boston - A16

Truvelo camera capable of being turned to face either direction, on the main dual carriageway running through Boston.

Boston - A52

Revisable camera sited on (John Adams Way), the through road for A16 traffic and A52 traffic.

Branston - Lincoln Road

10 mobile sites marked in a 3 mile stretch between Mill lodge to the centre of Branston village.

Brigg - A18

Regular mobile trap with either marked T5 or battleship grey Transit van, in Trent Foods Yard (weekends).

Colsterworth - A1

Gatso speed camera sited northbound on the A1, approx 500 metres prior to the Colsterworth roundabout.

Colsterworth - A1

Gatso speed camera sited southbound on the A1, just prior to the Colsterworth roundabout.

Cowbit - A1073

Upon entering 40 mph zone there is a small "lay-by" on the left, approx 50 metres after this is a Gatso camera.

Fosdyke - A17

This speed camera catches you if you are heading towards Holbeach / Kings Lynn way on the A17 you can't see it until...

Fosdyke - A17

The camera is situated on the eastbound side of the carriageway (but may be bi-directional).

Freiston - A52

The speed camera is situated outside a Vauxhall garage (Palmer & Bell) as you head from Boston to Skegness.

Freiston Haltoft End - A52

Travelling from Boston you first enter 40 mph zone then immediately as you go over a small bridge past a garage...

Gainsborough - A156

New digital camera, takes pictures of front of vehicle, located on the approach to Gainsborough before railway bridge.

Grantham - A1

Two cameras within a mile of each other. They are NOT active yet as the police are waiting for the electricity to be supplied.

Grantham / Sedgebrook - A52

The camera can be found going westbound on the A52 approximately 1/2 a mile off the jct on the A1 towards Nottingham.

Grantham - North Parade

The speed camera is positioned opposite DIY superstore Focus Do It All and before the railway bridge.

Great Ponton - A1

500 metres before Great Ponton. South of Grantham. Located on the left hand side of the dual carriageway, On slight hill.

Holton-le-Clay - A16

Just after traffic lights at Holton-le-Clay heading towards Louth Road

markings on both sides of the road until...

Kirton in Lindsey - A15

The speed camera is approx 6 miles South of M180,1 1/2 miles South of B1205 junctions, near Kennels.

Langtoft - A15

The speed camera is just inside the 50 mph speed limit before a bus stop.

Leverton - A52

Heading from Skegness to Boston, as you approach Leverton you will see a lay-by on your left...

Lincoln - Brant Road

This speed camera is one of the new types, and is situated in a short stretch of 40 mph zone as you enter into Lincoln.

Lincoln Broadgate - A15

Between pedestrian crossing and Duke of Wellington pub - points towards traffic.

Lincoln - Bunkers Hill

Speed camera is sited opposite The Lincolnshire Poacher public house, just on the brow of Bunkers Hill.

Lincoln - Cross O'cliff Hill

Camera approx. 3/4 mile after junction of A15 and A607 on southern approach to Lincoln from Sleaford.

Lincoln - Doddington Road

No further details available.

Lincoln - Doddington Road

No further details available.

Lincoln - Skellingthorpe Road

The speed camera is on Skellingthorpe Road heading towards Lincoln town centre.

Lincoln - Yarborough Road

Halfway down the hill near Long Leys Road on a tight bend. Having come from the Burton Road direction.

near Lincoln - A15

The speed camera is sited approx. 3 miles north of Lincoln, on the left, before the Lincolnshire Showground entrance.

near Lincoln - Lincoln Bypass

Lincoln bypass between Riseholme Road roundabout (A15) and Saxilby Road roundabout (A570).

Little Ponton (near Grantham) - A1

On the A1 southbound carriageway just after Little Ponton near Great Ponton.

Long Sutton - A17

This camera is approx 2 miles after the Sutton Bridge (Swing Bridge).

Louth - A16

Camera is situated at bottom of a hill near crossroads.

Market Deeping - A15

Camera sited away from Market Deeping and facing West Deeping.

Nocton Heath - A15

Gatso sited just after Nocton Heath Garage on left, and Nocton Heath truckstop on right.

North Hykeham - Newark Road

Traffic light camera located 150 metres south of Tritton Road near to primary school.

North Rauceby - A17

When travelling eastbound, camera located just before crossroads with A607.

North Thoresby - A16

Camera sited at this location was vandalised and has since been removed, Police now use mobile speed cameras...

Scunthorpe - A18

No further details available.

Scunthorpe - Brigg Road

This camera van is mentioned in Ref. #: EMLI037 and also parks in the slip road outside of Corus Steel Works.

Scunthrope - Scotter Road

Mobile camera located in a storm grey unmarked Transit van, with the increasingly familiar trade mark split rear door window.

Sleaford / Newark - A17

Four speed cameras on the A17.

Spalding - A16

When driving southbound past Spalding on the A16, in between two roundabouts on the right hand side of the road...

Spalding - A151

When driving out of Spalding on the Holbech Road (A151) the camera is located approx 20-30 yds up from...

Stamford - A6121

Forward facing Truvelo camera, situated on the outskirts of Stamford near Halfords store opposite Rutland road.

Stickney - A16

Just as you enter the village. Merely 20 yards past a 40 sign, on the left. Standard GATSO.

Sutterton - A16

Approx 400 metres south of roundabout (A16 with A17) traffic island with Gatso speed camera on nearside.

Sutton Bridge Bypass - A17

Infra-red speed camera approx 500 yds from petrol station.

Swineshead - A16

The speed camera is situated on a traffic island about 300 yds before a roundabout.

Swineshead Bridge Railway Crossing - A17

Approx 3 miles west of A17/A52 roundabout, 100 metres after Swineshead turning, as road straightens.

Tatterhall - A153

This camera is on the Tatterhall / Coningsby border, but it is just inside Tattershall. It is very hard to see in advance.

Waddington - Brant Road

Camera is sited in the 30 mph zone about 1/4 mile from camera in the 40 mph zone entering Lincoln on the Brant Road.

Waltham - Brigsley Road

A Police mobile unit sets up a trap across the road from the windmill.

Waltham - Cheapside

Dark grey/blue transit (marked) rear window removed for camera usually in mornings and evenings.

Whaplode - A151

This camera is located in the village of Whaplode, it's an infra red camera with a fine white line across the road.

Wrangle - A52

Situated on the bend by the butchers shop, camera is hidden behind a tree. But the white lines on the road are visible.

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