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Lowering Springs With The Wald Kit On Sc430


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Im going to get the Wald kit fitted in the next couple of months. But ive heard that you cant drop the car as much with the Wald kit. What would be the best springs to fit with that kit? My wheels are 255/35/20.

I really dont want any rubbing and dont wanna be taking my oil sump off on road humps.

TDI have...

Lowering spring kit: Reduces height of vehicle by approximately 25mm, and has been developed for use with the standard shock absorbers. TUV approved. £225.00.

And on eBay I can get Tein springs..

:: Body: UZZ40

:: Spring Rate Front: 5.6/313 (gf/mm, lbs/in)

:: Spring Rate Rear: 5.3/296 (gf/mm, lbs/in)

:: Ride Height Front: -32 (mm), -1.3 (inch)

:: Ride Height Rear: -41 (mm), -1.6 (inch)

Most lowered sc430 seem to have the Tein springs, but the drop on those seems to be quite alot.

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