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Kerbed It......


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I've had it less than a month and managed to kerb it not once but twice. Can the alloys be repaired\touched up??

If they can I am based in the north west does anyone know of a place that could do this and the costs involved?

help much appreciated

Where in Manchester you from? I live between Wigan and Southport, so nt too far away.

Anyway, you wheels can be refurbished by Lexus, may do it free of charge cause its new and/or under warranty. And don't feel too bad, something always happens to a new car, just think yourself lucky its not something serious :)

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Just swap it with your spare till you get time to sort it. Your dealer will probably swap the tire over for free :winky:

Don't spend money on getting it repaired just yet, because if they begin to corrode (as they normally do), they may just replace the whole set (or four currently running) - regardless of kerbs - as long as there not major major :sick:

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