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Steering And Rear Suspension


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Hi all,

Recently took my car back to lexus as i think there is a lot of play in the steering wheel, they checked it over and said they couldn't see anything worn on it, but told me there was some play in the steering rack.

Has anyone actually had there steering rack replaced due to wear in a MKI gs300 sport? I can actually move the steering wheel about 4 to 5 degrees off centre each way and have no steering effect at the wheels. I can actually shake the steering wheel side to side at high speed and the car just keeps going the same as it was. I find myself having to correct the steering quite a lot to keep the car going in a straight line. What baffles me more is the car has done only 66k miles, and yet my dad had one up to 170k miles without needing a new rack, and i can assure you from driving his old one that the steering always felt sharp. How much is this likely to cost to replace the steering rack?

Also, my rear suspension has started creaking on the drivers side, not sure what it is thats worn/gone, anyone got any ideas before I don my overalls and get to work jacking it up and removing the rear wheel? Is it just likely to be a spring not sitting properly, or gone, or could it be the bushes are worn?

Thank you


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