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New Front Discs Required


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Hi ppl,

Looks like I need a new set of front discs. I have seen these....

I would appreciate any feedback.

1st of all will these be compatible with the 200?

2nd are they any good?

I am not planning on keeping the car much longer so am not really bothered about upgrading.

Thanks for any help.

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These'll be HEAVY, so they'll be ludicrously expensive to ship over.

They appear to be for the US MCX20 Avalon, ACV20, MCV20 and SXV20 Solara/Camry.

Possibly interesting little bits I just found:-

43512-50110 fits IS (Jan 99 - Mar 00), GS (Aug 97 - Jan 00)

43512-50111 fits IS (Mar 00 - Jul 00), GS (Jan 00 - Jul 00)

(43512-50120 is a substitute for 43512-50111)

43512-50120 fits GS (Mar 93 - Aug 97), LS (European model Feb 93 - Oct 94)

43512-50112 fits IS (Jul 00 - Sep 03), GS (Jul 00 - Nov 01), SC (May 01 - Nov 01)

(43512-53020 is a substitute for 43512-50112)

43512-53020 fits IS (Sep 03 - at least Dec 03)

43512-30190 fits GS (Nov 01 - Dec 02), SC (Nov 01 - Dec 02)

(43512-30300 is a substitute for 43512-30190)

43512-30300 fits GS (Dec 02 - at least Dec 03), SC (Dec 02 - at least Dec 03)

All these are for general cars, not Japan or US spec, some of which differ.

If anyone wants the LS or RX ones, let me know and I'll dig them out.

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