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Tyre Pressure


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Hi all,

need a bit of advice please. I have a 2001 IS200se with standard 17" alloys on and a problem with the tyre presssure in one wheel.

Tyre will hold pressure for weeks and then all of a sudden will become flat in seconds, I have had this driving along and am reluctant to continue using the tyre. No signs of a puncture and tyre looks normal.

Any deas? Should I get the tyre reseated and the valve changed?


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Might be corrosion lifting the tyre away from the wheel, spoiling the seal.

Had this on an old car, tyre man wire brushed the inside of the wheel and painted some kind of seal on it.

It was OK after that.

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Did you fond problem with the tyre pressure you had problems in July, I only ask because I have the same problem on my rear tyres i keep lossing 2 0r 3 psi???


A wise move would be to have the tyres removed and inspected internally for intrusion... ask for the rim to be bead sealed and a new valve.... this should cover all possibilities.

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