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  1. As above,if you prefer Bondaprimer, try Hammerite Red Oxide, this looks like a thicker version of Bondaprimer It will brush or spray [needs thinning, it asks for Hammerite thinners but I used 2pack thinners and it sprayed no problem] I've used both can't tell any difference
  2. Before priming I would treat the whole rusty area with Vactan, this is the best rust converter/sealer I have used. Try to get it under the window weatherstrip, to avoid any more creeping rust. Removing the trim is not a nice job,avoid it if you can. If there is any sort of crater left, fill with bodyfiller and sand smooth then prime with 2 pack primer
  3. Just as a matter of interest, has anyone still got a series one?
  4. I have a MK2 LS and I have used KYB without any problem. they don't come with the top 'rubber cushion'
  5. DEEP Dent Advice

    IF you can get to it from the back, lightly hammering it out to a shallow dent and then body filler to level it is as good as a garage will do.[use a piece of wood in front of the hammer if it helps] If you haven't done it before, don't go mad with the filler, fill and flat down, 80 grit paper and fill again if needed
  6. Hi It's a Joying Android 5.1.1, check their website or EBAY. You can guess the country of origin!
  7. Pretty good eh! That's a download from Youtube! I made it fit so I could revert back to the old radio if it blows up!
  8. Hi The last of the early LS owners like me, might like my change of radio!
  9. Sound like gang of crooks
  10. Yuasa for me, last one lasted 7 years...
  11. !993 LS, hooray!, I thought there was only me left. with a mark two.......
  12. Topped up with automatic transmission fluid........check whats right for yours!
  13. Check the power steering fluid is topped up. A friend with a series one LS had this problem, dealer changed the belt idler still squeeked. Topped up the fluid whilst engine running [and squeeking] went quiet, was OK thereafter!
  14. As above when I first got my '94 The alarm would go off for no apparent reason. It never happened again after fitting a new car battery. It might be worth checking the door switches......
  15. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all! :hohoho: