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  1. Try a different battery, I've had new batteries that are faulty and always buy brand quality. Also as previously suggested check all earths, [or grounds if you prefer] and battery terminals are clean and tight
  2. Regarding co2 and polution from the last remaining petrol cars,a previous writer is correct, that the green lobby will do their best to campaign against them. They are being paid to do so. Nobody seems to have seen a map of the UK, we are expected to lead the world to remove polution at more expense to UK residents, when huge countries just do what they like to suit themselves. The climate changes, it always has, let China.India,the US etc fix it if they think they can and give us a break. Have the antipolution brigade measured the polution from the numerous volcano eruptions? How many cars would it take match that? If you want less carbon, stop deforestation globally. [good luck with that]
  3. I changed my sidelight bulbs to LED a couple of years ago, never had a problem. Also fitted LED Daylight Driving Lights in the scoops below the fog lights, same, no problem.... As an experiment I drilled the orange reflectors next to the indicators and fitted LED's wired to the indicator wiring, creating an unneccesary extra side flasher!...............never had a problem still works.!
  4. Check with Lexus, they are removable on series two, and hopefully available for UCF20 Check this part number 47789-50011
  5. I have 93/94 series two, I would just stay with the supplied 16" and spend the money on the best tyres Don't forget the car is twenty odd years old My twopennorth also
  6. That certainly wont help, if the sensor is sending duff info. to the ECU, the fuel trims will be all wrong, Ecu struggling to figure it all out!
  7. As nobody has replied,here is my guess,assuming it's a petrol engine not diesel Bear in mind I know nothing about IS models' Cold start injected engines have some sort of overfuelling device to provide a rich starting mixture. As your runs right with this rich mixture, when the 'overfuelling' times out, the mixture is adjusted for normal running I.e leaned off. if you have an air leak weakening the mixture more than the ECU can compensate for this may cause multiple misfires. Assuming spark plugs, Ok.coils, OK Just my 2cents worth.. cheers '
  8. Hi Welcome,send some of that Florida sunshine over here!
  9. Did you check fluid condition and level when idling hot? First job, change trans fluid and all other oils and filter Only use Toyota T4 trans fluid I have a friend with a 1990 model still runs well My '94 still runs like new [well nearly new!] THE ORIGINAL POST WAS 2002, HOW DID MISS THAT! Hope i'm not loosing it...
  10. If it's an automatic check 'gear' lever positions, that the inhibitor switch has not moved
  11. Autoglass did mine OK but they could not get a screen with the blue tint I settled for green, can't see much difference. Think they may be hard to get, settle for any colour you cant see much difference.!!
  12. Autoglass did mine OK,but they couldn't get the blue

     tint, so I settled for green, if you didn't know it's

    not noticeable.

    Settle for what you can get,----think they are getting scarce!

  13. As above,if you prefer Bondaprimer, try Hammerite Red Oxide, this looks like a thicker version of Bondaprimer It will brush or spray [needs thinning, it asks for Hammerite thinners but I used 2pack thinners and it sprayed no problem] I've used both can't tell any difference