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hi i just wanted to inquire, as i have the gs300 i wanted to install the new wing mirror indicators but i was told that i would loose the mirror heating facility, getting to the point does any one know of a mirror type with the heating mechanism that will work with the 94 gs300 and has side repeaters.

A recommendation to where i could purchase these from would be a bonus. :D



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IIRC I saw some last week on was just the outer (unpainted) shell of the mirror with LED Indicators built in, and as far as I can tell you just "splice" into your side I don't think you'd lose the heating facility, although I may be wrong. Let me see if I can find the link :).

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If these are the ones i asked about when some git hit my wing mirror they just go over the top of the wing mirror they do not replace the original cover so you won't lose the heated mirrors however not sure about the cosmetics of it

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I have a set of these which I bought a while ago.

They are a cover that fits over the mirror casing.

They are a fairly good fit but do make the mirrors look a bit bulky in appearance.

I have only test fitted and will see if the appearance looks any better when they are painted.

If I do not like the look of them I may have a pair in blue that I will put on eBay unless anyone on here is interested.

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