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Is 200 Sport


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Hi Guys,

Been lookin at this site for a couple of hours now, some great stuff in here.

Anyway ive just joined and thought id ask the question

ive just bought an IS200 Sport, it is black and standard

id like to put on a set of rims, i like the Khan range so im pretty sorted on that score but id also id like to add some body styling to it aswell and some under bonnet tricks too. trouble is as im new to Lexus so ive no idea where i should be looking for such stuff

what would you recommend should be the first few mods i do to this car and where from without turning it into a Chav Mobile.

apologies for being a complete novice!!



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Firstly, if your putting wheels on

lower it

then add anti roll bars, exhaust, ....and then whatever your heart pleases

if you do a search on items such as lowering, exhausts etc , lots of topics will become available that have been discussed before

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