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  1. That's a surprise, I wanted an RS4 too, thought they were better than that! nope, hugely dissapointing... fast, but never felt it... just really numb and relaxing...
  2. loving it... its an amazing machine, handles everything i throw at it... oh, and ive already clocked up 10k in it in the last 6 months! ;)
  3. I thought i'd just jump in here as there is a lot of BMW and M3 bashing... and once upon a time i would have joined in... except, BMW make fantastic cars - the M3 is a simply stunning piece of engineering, yes the older ones have a few known problems (such as VANOS), but most cars do (911's have RMS issues). When i was shopping for a car this year, i tried a hell of a lot of serious machinery, and BMW kept delivering where others failed - take the RS4, i wanted one so badly, and was prepared to part with nearly £30k to have one, except it was very dull to drive, and while fast, it never felt so. Whereas a E46 M3 CS at half the price was a lot more fun and certainly felt faster... I havent tried an IS-F, and would love to, but I somehow dont think it would compare to the latest M3 in terms of driving dynamics, not because its a bad car, but its something BMW just seem to have nailed... which is why i bought one!
  4. Hi, tis me, i know i havent been around in a while, but I thought I would share my little roadtrip with you Heading across the channel, straight to the Nurburgring for a few laps.. Then down to the Italian lakes, Across to the north coast of italy - along to Monaco, Then back across Italy to Stelvio pass.. Then through the Swiss alps.. and into Germany... where this was perfectly legal.. though not always possible... Then back to Brussels for a bit of relaxation before heading home... over 3100 fun-filled miles in 2 weeks :winky:
  5. Hi Guys, I know i havent been around much, but i thought with some 'computer gaming types' on here, you might be interested in an online strategy game.. Basically it only takes 5 or so minutes a day, where you build up a nation, grow the population, technology etc.. But the fun bit is you get to buy tanks and planes and even nukes, and then have massive wars Have a look and see what you think:
  6. well, with the sun out, it seemed a shame not to get some more pictures... I finally got around to giving it a good clean, cleanse and wax, the Supernatural Wax doing a good job..
  7. yep, had it down all weekend :D was out playing with some mates with a V8 Vantage and TVR tamora.... to be honest it was an aural feast.. perfectly fantastic, did guilford and back the other week and was very impressed - on really bad surfaces it gets bumpy, but other than that no worse than my A4 in all honesty!
  8. yeah, i originally looked at the 3 litre... but it just felt far too smooth and civilised for my taste - the M felt much faster and much more raw... perfect for me then! ;)
  9. Yeah, thats what i like about it :) the performance is very impressive, but the car doesn't feel the need to shout about it (except for the 4 exhausts..)
  10. yeah, i keep getting texts from my local dealer offering me deals..
  11. Hi Guys, as you might have seen back in Jan, I was (again) contemplating coming back to Lexus ownership... However, after a 911, S3 and Elise R I wasn't sure a IS250 was exactly what i was looking for (and the IS-F being out of budget..) so this is what i ended up with: Its the 'M' Roadster... so has the 343bhp engine from the last M3... and its fairly rapid :winky: Though yes, now im a BMW driver... sorry!
  12. Hi all... Its been quite a while since I was last here... But with a change in jobs, the elise is going and i need an all rounder again... and of course, my thoughts go back to Lexus... I'm tempted by a IS250 (with navigator thingy), but would be interested in any owner reviews/problems/etc...
  13. sorry to hear this mate... oh well onwards and upwards ;) (worth mentioning Porsches are an absolute steal at the moment ;) )
  14. i'm sure he'd probably want some cash as well... as thats a nice E46 M3 there..
  15. Yup, lyneham is just down the road from me - and a fun drive as well
  16. jesus - sorry to hear this Mat... hope you get things sorted!!! I know of a job going, but its a tehnical sales job, needs experience in networking and storage sales... I dont think it'd be suited for you but thought i'd mention it anyway...
  17. hey, if someone sorts another one down this way (its been a couple of years) i'll pop along ;)
  18. I just figured he put his car half on the driveway to try and make it look as low as he could...
  19. evening sessions are generally much quieter than weekends - and will seem deserted compared to Easter...
  20. nah, its just a very cheap TV...
  21. it'll still be slippy... and with the numbers expected to go - I imagine it'll be a messy weekend with lots of closures..
  22. you guys have heard about the snow yeah?
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