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Leaders Bite The Dust...

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Bear with me on this one...

Bush, Blair, Bill Gates and the Pope find themselves in a private Jet, with one pilot and one cabin boy called Osama.

The pilot gets struck with genge fever and dies at the "wheel".

Bush panics and starts looking in the cabin. Can't find a parachute and tells Osama to look for them.

Osama comes back and says "I managed to find 4 'chutes". Bush grabs the packs that Osama is holding, says "without me, world peace will be restored and Arabs will rule the world..." puts it on it on and jumps out...

Blair says "without me Bush will suffer on his own, and won't be able to organise the white house p155 up, and the world will go to anarche...". He grabs one, puts it on and jumps out...

Bill Gates says "without me the world of IT will be dominated by apple, and we can't have that" and grabs a chute and jumps out...

The Pope looks at Osama, and says "Osama, you've been a good boy. You take the 'chute. I've lived my life - may Jesus, Allah and the holy spirit be with you..."

Osama reaches between his legs, and says "Dearest Pope, why fear, I have a 'chute for each of us"

The Pope, totally puzzled, kneels down and asks "how can that be son?"

Osama says "Well, you know the 'chute that Bush took, well it had my sandwiches in it..."

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