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Why thank you Lee :D

At present we have had no problems witht he Samsung E900, cracking phone in terms of both features and style design. Tiny the actual phone is, its competitor is the LG chocolate, but better in my opinion.

New out to so not many peeps have them, but because of this, its to ealry to say if they will stay reliable, give it a couple of months if your not in a hurry to let them sort any possible software issues etc. Worst case and you don't wait its still under warranty anyway.

With regards to the free TV, dialaphone as far as mail order companies go there not to bad, just check the small print and make sure you check how long promotional extras are for. They usually give away free stuff on the higher talk plans.

Any other questions pm me and im sure i'll be able to help.


One more thing as im sure id get shot down if I commented on T-Mobile so I won't bother, however I Know they have a huge drive to increase their customer base as there Flex plans are very good for consumers. I suspect at some point once they acheive targets they may sell the network or gradually increase prices. Coverage on a whole is ok, not upto the pace of Vodafone and Orange mind. Thats my honest proffesional opinion :D

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Yeah, you should be happy with that phone mate but think it may need to to take extra care, high gloss finishes show scuffs really easy. :)

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