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  1. liverpool the only reds man u chelsea spurs derby wigan fulham
  2. ..........? did not know that was on there lol how are you finding the car mate still got a smile
  3. sounds nice mate erm now internals and mooore booooost
  4. great news adie hope everything goes well mate
  5. nice mate like the shot of that lex eating ford KA in there lol
  6. SOUNDS great mate so a big smile all the way home
  7. DAZA_W


    you will have to take me a spin mate things have come on since last time i was init do you stil have the hks backbox or you went for something louder
  8. DAZA_W


    top job mate what power you hoping for mate ? is that super charger still eating those belts or is that issue sorted daz
  9. yes me and am (mr singh ) swapped zorsts he had my hks i had is kazama the differance on the tezza to mine was quite remarkable my hks on mine was silent on the tezza sounded realy beafy but the kazama on the tezza i thought sounded great very loud though but a tottaly different sound on mine
  10. turbo more options more power more fun but expensive
  11. .6 .7 was safe on mine for a long time but that was mine i have a lot of extras think you defo need a boost contoller mate good luck with the setup
  12. welcome or a turbo charger
  13. looks nice mate these tuirbo's are getting common on here lol have fun mate
  14. great news mate be nice to see this det some miles under your belt
  15. very nice mate turbo is a great feel
  16. one team for me LIVERPOOL but is it not weird that they meet again i think if mascherano keeps kaka quiet we should be well strong enough or even give sissoko a game let him man mark kaka he is there danger
  17. adie if it pulls anything like mine you wont want to sell
  18. cheers had a weekend in blackpool so just recovering
  19. i only have them on the rears have cross drilled on the front but the rears look real nice
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