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Funny Thing Happend Wit The Electrics ( ? ) Today

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When I started up today got a screen showing ( sat nav screen switched off ) something about it might be dangerous to drive vehicle in this mode, I clicked OK or agree and everything seemed to be as normal. Later noticed lights had come on even though it was bright ( auto setting ), switched them off. Then on the way home it was raining so put lights on and noticed that the top of the rev range was showing red as was top of temperature guage ( only the markings, pointers in normal place ). Went under a little bridge and brightness of the dash lights changed then back ( suppose that's normal as I haven't driven at night yet !! ). The red markings had definitely not been there before today ( even though I have had the rev limiter mode set from day 1 ).

Anyway when I turned lights off the red markings were still there and when I switched car off and on again when I got home the "error message" was still there. Then I put it in reverse and camera was working but it said no guidance available.

Anybody got any ideas what's going on?

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Hope you get this sorted pal, you didn't exactly have a lot of luck with the last IS so hope you don't have to go thru the same experience all over again!

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