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Buying An Old Ls 400

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Hi all

Just registered on this site and at present do not own a Lexus

A member of the U.K. Corvette Club and a Corvette owner for the past nine years for my sins.

Thinking of buying a LS 400 to replace our present 'practical' car ( Vitara )

The LS 400 would hopefully be the antithisis of the Vette.Smooth,quite and comfortable,as opposed to noisy,'rattle your fillings out' ride and totaly impractical,but I love it! :D

O.K. Anyone out there in Lexus land that could give me any pointers on what to look for in the way of possible trouble areas on a LS400 '93/'94 model.The car would have to be of this vintage as sadly that's all I can afford.Perhaps a car of this age would not be a good idea to buy?

Are there areas on the car,chassis, subframes etc. that are prone to rust/rot. Mechanicaly what should I look for ? Any particular areas here?Transmission/engine/ coooling system.Any tell -tale signs of impending problems?Also as these cars are fully loaded,electrical problem points?

Viewed a few on eBay,and although some seem to be apparently pretty good and priced O.K., some seem to appear a little suspect and realativly expensive,so I'm a bit confuse on this.But maybe it's just eBay.Not the best place to check out cars.

Any advice on the above would be gratefully received. Thanks. :driving:

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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

Theres all the info you will need in the link below...

Have a look through the posts or do a search on what to look for when buying a LS400.

Heres the search link...



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