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Air France Complaint


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Hi All,

The missus recently had an extremely bad experience with airfrance. I want to file a formal complaint, but realized that nowhere on their website or on the internet, can I find a decent contact and address to their HQ customer relations department. Does anyone have the name or contact of Air France's VP of Customer relations or related?

The only thing I was able to find on the web, where lots of angry travellers posting their complaints on a net forum cos there had no where to send the letter to!

Thanks ahead!


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You could try

Air France

Customer Relations

PO Box 34435

London W6 7XE

EDIT - Sorry, just read you are in HK so that address will be useless! Use the below.

Or if you really want to go high you need to speak to their Excom (Executive Comittee) members. Try Gilbert Rovetto who is in charge of Flight Operations for the group or Pascal de Izaguirre who is in charge of Ground Operations.

Address would be -

AIR FRANCE Headquarters

45, rue de Paris

95747 Roissy-CDG Cedex


Telephone : 33 (0)141567800

Don't bother with the board as they have no responsibility, it works the same as where I work (France Telecom) and the only people that matter are the Excom.

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