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Here's the story a of a very stupid guy:

was waiting for wife and kids in the car (rx 300 mark I) and I thought about going through the menu of the sat nav, just out of curiosity. Please notice that unfortunately I don't have the instruction manual of the dvd sat nav unit.

The last option of the menu is something I would translate in English as "calibration" or "setting".

Obviously, I thought to give it a try... :crybaby:

From then on, the sat nav has become inaccurate: it just seems not to pick up the correct position of the car.

I've tried this option several times by now, but I'm having troubles, also because of the lack of instructions.

First of all, I assume you have to be still to caliber the unit: is it so?

And just how long does it take? I've been waiting for 4/5 minutes, but the (for a reason or the other), I always abort the operation (also because it's not really easy to park an RX in the middle of a crossroad so to pinpoint the correct position...).

And what about the following option concerning wheels? Is that to let the system know the size of the tires?

Please, please help me! The nav was working like clockwork before, I just can't believe I did this! :crybaby:

p.s.: I hereby authorize each and every memeber of the LOC to call me "stupid", once

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Pretty sure the wheels thing is for when you change your wheels or even have a puncture,you are meant to go into this mode. For the re-callibration ( just guessing here ), can't you park at the beginninf of a street or a Point Of interest and just let it do it's thing? I assume it's just resetting it to the satellites.

I've got an IS250 but the same options are on there, if it wasn't p155ing down with rain and thundering I'd go and look at the manual for you.

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thanks for your support.

One of the things that make me wonder is that when you launch this calibration procedure, you tell the nav where you are, adjust the direction of the nose of your car, than hit "return" and...


Nothing seems to happen. But if you hit the change wheel option, even after several minutes, you get a message going more or less like this: I'm busy recalibrating the fastest I can. When I'm done with this, I'll stop automatically.

(Steve, you forgot to call me stupid: I deserve it! :crybaby::blush: )

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From memory (and I don't have the manual in front of me - but I'll check next time) the recalibration needs about 4-5 miles of straight(ish) road to do its thing.

I seem to remember that after hitting this option it then instructs you to drive in a straight(ish) line (motorway or A road or similar) until its got its marbles back !! :D

Hope this helps, I will try and confirm this for you next time I can get to my manual


The Ed

Oh - P.S. STOOOPID !! :D :D

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Thank you, Editor!

Unfortunately there must be more than that, because yesterday evening I did more than 15 miles on a motorway with the darn thing doing its stuff (I suppose), but to no result.

Sometimes it would show me in the wrong lane!

It took me more than 10 years to learn the basics of computers: If it works, DON'T fix it.

I'll have to put a post-it on the screen of the nav, too! :)

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