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  1. Just get one of of eBay (This is what I did for both my GS and RX) that both have 2015 discs in them now :) There are many users in Eastern Europe who buy the whole set but have no use for Western Europe/UK so sell the discs off. Just be careful with the feedback scores and you should be fine.
  2. You have pressed AND HELD the button for 2.5 seconds to activate the power tailgate haven't you? A short press (like unlocking the doors wont do it - has to be a long press)
  3. You're right - Sorry.... I thought IF they were fitted then they had to be functional for the MOT but they don't
  4. My understanding is providing you have had your services done within the main dealer network they are able to reconstitute your entire service history. Additionally, I belive they can supply a duplicate book and stamps for all sevices completed. Someone on here should be able to verify that. Mind you.... being Lexus, they will probably charge £2,500 as 'admin' charges
  5. You're right, it won't help with the camera unfortunately but it makes a big difference on seeing out the back/side mirrors. Yes, the switch on the rear view mirroe does turn off both the rear view and door mirror dimming - Only trouble is it defaults back to on again net time you start up your car but no big deal. I have reversing sensors as well so that gives a bit of extra security Give the dimming option a try - I think you'll find it a help
  6. Huge long topic and I need a lay down now after reading all the way through it I agree that the reversing lights on the RX are like having candles in the tailgate and because of the privacy glass in the rear backing up is not easy but........ Have you guys tried switching off your auto dimming mirrors (not dipping but dimming) before reversing..... makes a huge difference of being able to see what's behind you verses just reversing and hope for the best and pray you don't get a crunch sound !!
  7. Bet that quoted 250 is with EVERYTHING in the car switched off !! And what about the heat in California???..... Thing A/C will take WAYYYY more power than a heater!
  8. You are: 1. Unlocking the doors first (by pressing the 'Unlock' button on the remote)...then.... 2. Pressing and holding the 'Pwr Door' button on the remote for around 1.5 seconds until you hear the beep from the vehicle? Failure to follow the procedure above will not activate the power door function.
  9. Quote .......Just be aware that, strictly speaking, it's illegal to attach [suction-mounted] devices to wipe area...... So, in that case....99.9999% of every TomTom user is breaking the law? Some of the places that idiots put their GPS units is laughable. Many of them could be called a 'Heads Up display' since they are directly in their line of sight out the windscreen! However, not to go off topic here we are talking about cameras. Since the enforcement of people chatting on mobile phones whilst driving is non existant and also not complying with having a hands free unit fitted (no, talking on your speaker phone on your mobile DOES NOT constitute Hands free) I wouldn't worry!
  10. This has been the case for many years. The americans have realised that Lexus is actually a better automobile than the German marques and have quite rightly given the brand the recognition and class it deserves. Unfortunately in the UK, we are still anal about having something made in Germany, and if you do not have a Germanic sticker on your bonnet then you haven't really 'made it' in life mentality. It's a bit like the brits still bang on about cars with auto gearboxes are 'not really driving' etc etc. We may catch the rest of the world up one day but for now we remain 'Third World'
  11. You're fighting a bit of a losing battle over here because the tree hugging nanny state brigade in the UK have outlawed glass cleaners with amonia which work the best. The off the shelf rubbish which is sold with vinegar and lemon juice etc are all pretty rubbish (compared with ones with amonia). Your best option would be to clean the inside as best you can with an off the shelf product to get the worst off. Then get some methelated spirits and clean the inside with that. This will get rid of any film that remains and will evapourate quickly. You can also use meths on the outside of the windscreen etc for excellent results.
  12. My son-in-law has a machine polisher, I'm sure that he will let me borrow it so I will give it a go. Any particular polish that you would recommend. I must be honest, I didn't realise that there were differing grades of polish. Thank you for your help. As long as it isnt one of those 12v cigarette lighter jobbies from Hell-Frauds - They do not have the power to scare the skin off a rice pudding. Also, it needs to be a random orbital polisher to save yourself burning a hole in the paintwork (unless you are skilled with a true orbital). The polishes I use are Sonus SFX 1, 2 and 3 (final finish) to end with. Be warned though - once you start it will look so good you might want to do yor entire car !!
  13. The only thing that will get rid of this totally is a machine polisher (preferably used with 3 different grades of polish starting from the harshest working down to the finest). It's easy enough to do but if you do not feel confident then your best bet is a bodyshop.
  14. Quote from mcleish ".......... Concern is, there may be a new law introduced about dash board warning lights being on during a MOT results in a fail !!!!......." There already is !! (or it's due in next month) as far as I'm aware - Any Engine warning light illuminated (including TPSM lights) means MOT fail. I'm sure someone will be along shortly with first hand knowledge to confirm (or deny) this. The Ed
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