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Latest Compatible Phones For Rx400h?

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Ive got an 11 month old RX400h and my old motorola V3 worked perfectly well with the Bluetooth in the car. Ive just upgraded the phone to a Motorola KRZR K1, and whilst I managed to pair the phone with the car, it wont let me make or receive calls. It just says out of range.

I popped into the Lexus dealers in Birmingham. they said there are compatability issues with that phone. They didnt have a list of phones which were actually compatible though. they just told me to find a new phone I liked and before I got it phone a number they gave me to check if it is compatible. This seemed a bit long winded to me.

So have any of you changed your phone recently and got it working with your Bluetooth? Im looking for something slim, with a decent sized screen and dont need masses of features.



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First off, you could try the US lexus compatibility chart: Linky

The right hand side lets you choose your vehicle and year, and then you can see what phones they have, which is a lot.

Part of the problem there, though, is that Bluetooth functionality on a given handset is apparently restricted by the operator because they feel it's too dangerous.

That means that there might be some false negatives in that list, but it's doubtful there would be any false positives.

Whilst I'm waiting for my 220d I've been trying to find out if my beloved new K1 will actually work with it.

I've seen several reports that it doesn't, and that list shows it has some missing key features.

I absolutely adore the phone for how small it is, and how well the voice recognition works, so I'm really reluctant to replace it.

However, fearing for the worst, I've been keeping an eye out for possible replacements if I can't get it to work.

My requirements for it would be pretty similar to yours, so I'll let you know what I find.

On friday I saw a friend's Samsung D900, which was really nice, but it doesn't seem like that will have much compatibility. Shame - I liked it.

Let me know how you get on and if you replace it.


New Samsung which might be better

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I bought a Samsung D900 thinking that Bluetooth was Bluetooth and that any device would be compatible with my Rx300 however the phone recognises the car but the car cant see the phone.

Ive tried the dealer in Wolverhampton twice and not got a response as to whether the phone is compatible( my previous Nokia was fine) so i phoned samsung and it appears that theD900 phone has Bluetooth version 2 isntalled and that devices fitted with versions 1 or 1.5 may not work.

My current workaroud is to use my a pay as u go into the Nokia and divert incoming calls from the Samsung into the Nokia and so thro to handsfree and make outgoing calls on the Nokia when driving.

Not a great solution and expensive because im paying twice for incoming calls and payg prices for outgoing.

Why wont Lexus just list the phones that are compatible and make it simple to choose a phone?


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They will.

If you ask your dealership they have an extremely comprehensive list of exact features for all phones, and car systems, plus about 20 different handsfree kits and both lexus models.

I was testing the D900 (which I bought yesterday) in my new IS and it works fine, except that the Battery and signal don't show as they should.

I've got the excel sheet open now and it shows that the Lexus system 1 (RX300) does not have good compatibility.

It says it constantly disconnects, plus other issues.

The E900 reports better but will not transfer contacts.

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