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Inconsistent Sound Cd Vs Radio In -95 Ls400

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This an odd "problem" in my -95 LS 400 with standard radio/tape/CD-changer combination.

If I listen to the radio, the sound is full, without being overly heavy in the bass. Actually it sounds really good if one avoids the horribly compressed and distorted commercial channels... :)

I run the tone controls flat, or perhaps with a minor increase in the treble.

If I however switch to CD, the sound changes alot. The sound is thin and tinny, and to duplicate the well balanced sound of the radio, I have to turn the bass control to 3 o'clock, and the treble to 10 o'clock.

Basically it feels as the whole frequency curve is tilted, little bass and too much treble... :huh:

It is not just in relative terms, the sound IS thin and tinny. There are no other problems with the CD-changer; no skipping or reading problems.

Any input is much appreciated!

/Alexander from Sweden

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Thanks! On the contrary - it IS good help. :)

There is a possibility that this a design flaw, and not an effect of damaged components...

On the other hand, I wonder if there perhaps is some 6dB/oct. DC filter capacitors on the CD input. If those capacitors dry out and deteriorate, the HP frequency will move upwards. Just a thought.

/Alexander from Sweden

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