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Vsc Check Problems


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Hi, all

I had my Lexus is220d since November 06, however last week i encountered a problem with

the car, during leaving my street the front wheel had wheel spun, then the display on dash came

up with VSC CHECK, alongside the track-sion light, explanation and starter light coming on. I advised my sister to check the manual, in order to switch off the track-sion as I thought it may be that as I was only limited to 2000 revs at the time, switching off track-sion did not work.

I phoned my Lexus dealer and they took it in for checks. After a hour or so, they came and said that there was a ECU problem and the car needed to be booked in on a later date to have a proper look at it as it was save to drive at the time.

Once they had a look at it they said that the ECU was programmed wrong before dispatch as the engine was injecting more fuel then normal therefore messing up the values and exhaust, after they fixed the problem the car runs smoother and better like it should,

i wasnt mad or unhappy as i knew problem would get sorted, however it should'nt have happend.

has anyone else had a similar problem ?


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during leaving my street the front wheel had wheel spun,

I don't understand that. Aren't all the new IS's rear wheel drive? (Well except the AWD, but I don't think they do a diesel AWD).

yeah the front right wheel had wheel spun, i thought my self that the car was rear wheel drive.

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