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Turning Off Traction And Vsc

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I'm sure when i test drove the demo car if you press and held the TC button you could turn off VSC as well , however when trying on my car i just seem to be able to only loose traction ...... anyone else tried or know why this is ?


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Page 164/165 of the User Manual.

If you press and release the TRC button you loose traction control. The orange skid detection light activates. However once your speed exceeds 30mph traction control is re-engaged.

If you press and hold the TRC button for 3 seconds, then you loose traction control and VSC. The orange skid detection and the orange VSC lights activate. Both stay off until you either turn them back on manually, or your switch the car off, and back on again.

This is the 2007 model. If you both an earlier version (the 2006 version) then this function wasn't there.


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Sorry to raise an old topic, but is this not possible on 2006 models? Very frustrating when intentionally trying to have some fun.

Thanks in advance

in what conditions would you want trc and vsc off?? for playing around ok, but where/how??

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