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does anyone on here know if a mk2 box will fit in a mk3 i know the sensors plugs are diff but i do not know about the inside as the mk1/2 have a over drive button and the mk3 does not but i dont know if that is just a sensor

has my box went a little while ago got a 2nd hand one put it in done a few hundard miles and it went again not the same problem but they say that they have not got a box for the mk3 but have got one for a mk2 i say that they are dif but they say there the same if i change the sensors over is a bit of work just to find out that it does not work

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thaks marcus but i am just seeing of it will fit as the people who supplyed mine say it will but i dont think it will

Well you know who to PM if it Dont fit mate, + my one had only done 120K :winky:

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