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Anybody Know Anything About Pda's ?

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My son has one one in a competition and doesn't need / want it. So he's asking me to try and sell it for him but I can't find anything much about it or it's worth.

It's called a "i-mate JasJam", box not even opened and not branded or locked.

Anybody any idea what it is or other "branded names" and some idea what it's worth?

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Hi mate, Kazi is your man but just had a look on the net and it looks like my Orange SPV M3100 - probably is the same phone.

Orange are giving them away for free but you should be able to get at least £100 for it on eBay - might be worth seeing what the Orange ones are going for and use those as a benchmark?

There's one currently on eBay for £156 and it's still going, quite a load of bids on it too!

As long as it's not locked he should get a pretty penny for that :D

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Cheers Aido, suspect he is wanting a bit more than that. After what he told me at half time. I'll put it on eBay at the weekend and see where it goes.

It is the same thing mate, I have one here and it's identical, I think over here Orange have maybe killed the market by giving them away for free you see....

Hope he gets what he's after - I have to admit I absolutely hate it :lol:

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