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How Do You Check Ball Joints' Failure/play


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hello everyone. It may have been asked before but cannot find the right topic. I have this knocking at the front happening only when turning the steering wheel at very low speed. Cannot hear it knock when turning at a speed over 10mph. Knocking is worst when turning the steering on uneven road surface. Car was at the local garage the other day for rear brake pads change and asked the guy to check my front ball joints and told him about the knocking. What he only did was jacked up the car the wiggle both front wheels to check for play. No visual check done underneath, just told me they were intact and no problem. So, is that how you check if your ball joints are still ok?

Should I need changing these ball joints, are replacement parts advisable to use. Anyone knows a place that sells them for a fair price?

Also, is there any Lexus indy in north or northwest London?



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Hello, you would need the car up on a ramp to check these properly, Best way is with a lever bar between the ball joint and hub and force them apart if there is any movement they are worn.

Your man the other day wiggling the front wheels would of only been checking for play in the wheel bearings??

You can get them on ebay for around £45 each.


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I have the same problem, took the car back to the dealer and the method he told me was the same. But it happens so rarely on mine I may leave it for a bit then go back to the dealer with better evidence (or closer to the end of the warranty)

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