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Can-bus On 2003 Uk Rx300 ? (new Shape)

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hi all. i have found a very interesting guy who has installed a mac on the factory screen of his prius, including using the touchscreen feature. i am excited. the unit used in the prius is the same as in lexus,(modified rom), does the new shape rx300 use can-bus? is there a way of getting vga into the unit? i would prefer this to rgb.

i need video input into the screen, its a se-l so already has the reversing camera, i would probably use a fm transmitter for audio. anyone with a uk rx 03>present, do you have a video input? whats the quality and where did you get the box?

i have no problem cutting into the loom.

they also have an auto lock door module for when the cars in motion, which is interesting as it is only standard in usa models.

i would love to have a full pc on the screen of my rx, maybe with a freeview tuner, possibly a media centre pc? i would like to hear other owners ideas on this, i assume a Bluetooth media centre would amount to retrofitting Bluetooth on the car and allow you to handle calls???


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