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Rx400h - Intentions?

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Been thinking about RX400h strategy, short medium and long term.

We're doing about 12,000 miles a year or less, so in thoery the car is good for probably 10 years.

And it has all the toys, luxury, size, towing capability, performance, group F VED band we'll ever need. So therefore when you think about it why should it ever get replaced?

Financially the best thing surely is to keep it, even if it needs a new Battery pack aged 6 (5 year warranty remember), this would still be economically correct.

Saying that, the 7 seater is coming out soon, so bye bye current car!

What are people thinking?


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I am suprised more people have not responded to this one, it is a really interesting question.

I have this theory to change mine in 3 or 4 years so I can sell it with some warranty left, on the other hand I tihnk it is worth keeping as it cost me so much to buy and I love it!

I am nervous of the £3k Battery needing replacing one day though....

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The sensible side of me says buy a new car exactly as you want it, drive for at least 5 years etc.......

The other side will see new RX appear in 2009 and tell the sensible side of me to bugger off :P

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